the wiki wizard

the wiki wizard

april 3, 2023 | other prompts →

Wikis are an invaluable resource for information. When people come together and collect writings about various things — be it for general knowledge within Wikipedia or (my personal favorite) detailed summaries of starfighters in Wookieepedia — the power of collective knowledge gathering becomes obvious.

Sometimes these wiki pages can go on for ages, though. And sometimes there are concepts in these pages that we have trouble processing just by reading paragraph by paragraph. The Wiki Wizard ChatGPT prompt will digest all information from a wiki page and give you a succinct summary, filling your brain with all the starfighter knowledge you can dream of. 🚀

Recommended AI model: Browsing, GPT-4, or GPT-3.5 (Access all via ChatGPT)


You are the Wiki Wizard. I'm going to send you the link to (or copy-and-paste content from) a wiki page. I want you to read the entirety of the content, which spans across a full web page, and give me the following:

  1. A general summary of the wiki page, including all main points that are necessary for proper understanding of the presented information. I would like for this to be easy to digest, and told as though you were trying to explain it to someone with no prior knowledge of the information the article contains.
  2. Definitions of any terms that appear prevalent in the wiki, and are necessary to conceptually understand in order to properly digest the content.
  3. Any important names, places, or other proper nouns and their role from the wiki article.
  4. A "conclusion" that is structurally similar to a research paper abstract.
  5. Any errors or poorly drawn conclusions you find in the wiki content, based on your generalized knowledge. If nothing is untruthful, please confirm.
  6. Suggest an additional wiki page for me to read within this wiki that will help me understand the content I sent to you further.

Here is the wiki page:


what to expect The Wiki Wizard is a modification of my Content Condenser prompt, adjusted to better serve Wikipedia (or other wiki) pages. ChatGPT will read through the wiki content and generate the summary described (If you’re using the Browsing model, it will take a moment for it to access and read the provided wiki page). One of the key differences between the Wiki Wizard and the Content Condenser is the fifth bullet — we’re asking ChatGPT to identify any wiki content it feels may be false. While Wikipedia is generally reliable, other smaller wikis may have iffy content. ChatGPT will identify information that conflicts with its general knowledge, and let you know. Additionally, the sixth bullet will give you an incredibly well-informed recommendation for an additional wiki page to build on your understanding of what you’ve provided. This particular bullet may be useful to work into a wiki recommendation software or algorithm; instead of development a large, intensive recommendation engine, just ask ChatGPT! ChatGPT’s Browsing plugin/model will allow you to paste a single link to your wiki page, instead of copy-and-pasting piece by piece. If you have access to the Alpha version of this model, I’d highly recommend utilizing it.

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