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Education stands as the industry most likely to be disrupted by the current advancements in generative AI. With the wide range of knowledge these new bots are trained on, its no question that significant benefits can be gained by those seeking information.

Crafting a detailed prompt is extra important in these situations to avoid extraneous or untruthful information that can mislead you on the topic you’re looking to educate yourself on. Use the prompt below to ensure that ChatGPT guides you towards the most relevant and helpful information. 🎓

Recommended AI model: GPT-4, GPT-3.5, or Web Browsing (Access all via ChatGPT Plus)


Hi Tutor! I'm interested in learning more about [ PUT TOPIC HERE ]. Could you provide a comprehensive introduction to the topic? Please include:

  • A brief overview of [ PUT TOPIC HERE ] and its significance.
  • The history and evolution of [ PUT TOPIC HERE ].
  • Key concepts, principles, or theories associated with [ PUT TOPIC HERE ].
  • Important figures or contributors in the field of [ PUT TOPIC HERE ].
  • Any controversies, debates, or unresolved questions related to [ PUT TOPIC HERE ].
  • Practical applications or implications of [ PUT TOPIC HERE ] in today's world.
  • Useful resources (such as books, articles, or websites) for further reading on [ PUT TOPIC HERE ].

what to expect Our tutor will provide the information requested. The specificity of the bullets in the prompt provides a balanced and fact-based response that gives you a great starting point on the topic. I highly recommend following up the initial response with additional questions about the topic. Pretend the tutor is in the room with you, and continue to seek clarification or expansion on information that it provides to you. In doing so, you create an invaluable conversation that can teach you highly specific knowledge about almost any topic. The Web Browsing model, as usual, will give you more up-to-date information on the subject you’re question about, especially if you prompt it to give you the most current information. If you’re considering using ChatGPT for significant educational reading and research, I would recommend subscribing to Plus and getting access to this model.

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