toddler teacher

toddler teacher

april 2, 2023 | other prompts →

Those with toddlers will usually find themselves fielding a million and a half questions a day. While this is certainly one of the most fun and interesting parts of being a parent, sometimes the questions they ask are near impossible to answer. How do you explain to a 3 year old how earthquakes work? What do you tell your 4 year old when they interrogate you about why your cat won’t listen to them?

Sometimes we need to try something new. This prompt will have ChatGPT give you the answers to these questions in a tone and manner that your little human can understand.

Recommended AI model: GPT-4, or GPT-3.5 (Access both via ChatGPT)


Explain the following question or information as if you were talking to a toddler:


Also include a fun activity or game we can play together to help them better understand.

what to expect ChatGPT will respond with an explanation suitable for a toddler. For example, it may compare earthquakes to a kid shaking a table with their cars and toys on it. The activity it suggests will help your child to understand the concept even better (and give you a great moment for bonding!). Try replacing “toddler” with the specific age of your child. With this specification ChatGPT can include or exclude concepts suitable for the age.

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