lyric search and analysis

lyric search and analysis

march 30, 2023 | other prompts →

Frequently when I’m listening to music, I’ll get wrapped up in the lyrics and blown away by the feelings evoked from these carefully crafted words. I then often wonder what was going on in the mind of the songwriter at he time of writing, or if there are multiple layers of meanings underneath the surface.

In the past, this has involved a Google search and bit of hunting. With ChatGPT, I can find the information I’m looking for from a single prompt. I can also utilize ChatGPT’s generalized knowledge to make inferences about the lyrics, possibly uncover some new insight that can better inform my experience with the song.

Recommended AI model: Browsing, GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 (Access via ChatGPT)


What are the lyrics for the song [ SONG AND ARTIST NAME HERE ]?

After you tell me, please also provide the following information:

  1. What do the lyrics mean?
  2. What did the writer intend to convey with the lyrics?
  3. Do these lyrics reference other songs or media?
  4. What is ChatGPT’s thoughts on the lyrics? Do you feel this is a well written song

[BROWSER MODEL ONLY: ADD THE FOLLOWING LINE] Use the internet to find the most up-to-date information and use this information in your answers above.

what to expect ChatGPT will provide you with the lyrics and answer your questions. The newer models understand natural language remarkably well, and are able to provide a full analysis on the content of the lyrics and what the writer’s likely intention was. The Browsing model will take this a step further and take into consideration opinions on the lyrics from sites like Genius. A note the differences between the models: The Browsing model will search for the lyrics and conversation around the requested lyrics using current internet pages. This provides a much more accurate and up-to-date source of information, and should really be the primary use case for this prompt. The GPT-4 model may have the lyrics within its general knowledge dataset, but the details will be less and newer songs may be unavailable for searching. GPT-3.5 will provide you the lyrics and generally less involved answers on the follow up questions than the other two models.

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