job interview practice

job interview practice

april 1, 2023 | other prompts →

With tech industry layoffs running rampant, it’s beneficial to start looking to technologies like ChatGPT for practical assistance in finding solid footing. Today’s prompt turns ChatGPT into a reliable and educational job interview bot that sets up a mock interview for you to participate in.

Following your interview, the bot will then rate your performance and provide tips for improvement. This is especially helpful for those not only looking to practice their interview skills, but actually improve them before diving into the ever-exhausting job hunt.

Recommended AI model: Browsing, GPT-4, or GPT-3.5 (Access all via ChatGPT)


You are the Job Interview Practice bot. I am applying for this job:



Please pretend you are the interviewer and ask me questions pertaining to this job that a typical interviewer may ask. Your questions and demeanor should be extremely realistic; I need you to put on the full persona of a hiring manager at the company. I will answer your questions, and I want you to continue asking until you feel like a full job interview has been completed. At the end of the interview I want you to give me a scorecard, rating my responses based on various factors, and provide critique on things you feel I could improve at.

what to expect Our Job Interview Practice bot will immediately jump into action, introducing itself, the job position, and asking its first question. Answer truthfully and in detail for your best shot at a realistic mock interview. This bot is set up for engagement beyond just the initial prompt. The Interview Practice bot will continue to ask you questions until it feels a full interview has been completed. You can also exit the interview at any time with a phrase like, “I am done with this interview.” Upon completion of your mock interview, the bot will score your responses and provide constructive feedback and critique on what could have been done better. This bit is the more valuable part of the bot in my opinion; I’ve found ChatGPT gives extremely consistent and valuable feedback that is transferrable to real job interviews.

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