business kickstart

business kickstart

may 17, 2023 | other prompts →

Sometimes its easy to think of a fantastic idea for a product or service — but exhausting to think through the business-side in a manner fast enough to build and deliver.

Our free prompt this Wednesday does the hard bits for you and helps to develop a business strategy surrounding a specified product. It’s like having a personal business strategist, market analyst, and creative director all rolled into one. 🚀

Recommended AI model: GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 (Access all via ChatGPT Plus)


Please provide insights on the following business scenario. I am working on a new [ PRODUCT / SERVICE ] for the [ INDUSTRY / BUSINESS TYPE ] market.

  1. Write a mission statement for this [ PRODUCT / SERVICE ].
  2. Identify the market opportunities and target customer segments.
  3. Conduct a SWOT analysis for the [ PRODUCT / SERVICE ].
  4. Suggest growth strategies.
  5. Explain the key measures of success and key performance indicators.
  6. Generate ideas for marketing and promoting the [ PRODUCT / SERVICE ], including a sales pitch and social media ads.

Feel free to add any other relevant details you think might be helpful.

what to expect

Our business friend will whip up a mission statement, identify market opportunities, conduct a SWOT analysis, suggest growth strategies, define success measures, and even brainstorm marketing ideas, including a catchy sales pitch and social media ads.

Remember — this isn't a one-way street. Engage with ChatGPT, ask follow-up questions, seek clarifications, and dive deeper into any area you're interested in. Treat ChatGPT like your co-worker in the room, ready to bounce ideas off and dig into the nitty-gritty of your business plan. This conversation is where this prompt really shines, and will enable you to speak with authority about the product you’re qualifying.

If you’re finding that the information returned is a bit stale, consider trying out the prompt on the Web Browsing model to fetch up-to-the-minute data and trends relevant to your business.

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