may 19

week of 5/15/2023 - 5/19/2023

AI leaders dance with Congress, Meta announces further AI focuses, Apple embraces AI with upcoming accessibility features, and more.

what to know for now

πŸ—£οΈ Sam Altman gives testimony before Congress. The eminent CEO of OpenAI addressed inquiries from congressional members apprehensive of AI's implications on existing industries and the security of citizens. Altman notably advocated for the regulation of AI consistently during the session. [Read more]

πŸ“² ChatGPT debuts on iOS. Initially available exclusively in the US, the innovative iOS app encapsulates all functionalities of OpenAI’s conversational AI in a sophisticated, user-friendly mobile interface. [Read more]

β›” Apple imposes limitations on ChatGPT usage for employees. As a probable security precaution, Apple has commenced restrictions on its employees' use of ChatGPT, ostensibly to mitigate risks of data or intellectual property leakage. [Read more]

🧩 Web Browsing and Plugin models now accessible to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers. On Monday, OpenAI activated the ancillary GPT-4 models for all Plus subscribers, introducing plugin and web browsing capabilities to those willing to invest $20 a month. A usage limit of 25 messages per 3-hour period remains in effect for users, however. [Read more]

πŸ’Ό SAP SE and Microsoft deepen their AI partnership. SAP SE announced the next step in its long-standing partnership with Microsoft, leveraging the latest in enterprise-ready generative AI innovation to address fundamental business challenges. [Read more]

what to know for later

πŸ’½ Meta is embarking on the development of a specialized AI chip. Meta has announced its commitment to the creation of a dedicated AI chip, in conjunction with a supercomputer designed specifically for AI research. [Read more]

πŸ€– A new contender joins the competition in the physical AI domain. Sanctuary AI unveils its aspirant for versatile humanoid robotics. [Read more]

🧠 AI research contributes to advances in Alzheimer's study. A recent study from the University of Alberta has demonstrated a 70-75% accuracy rate in early Alzheimer detection, employing smartphones and AI to analyze linguistic patterns. [Read more]

πŸ‘πŸΌ OpenAI discloses plans for an open-source model. Succumbing to external (and potentially internal) pressure, OpenAI has committed to releasing an open-source language model in the future, albeit it will not possess the advanced capabilities of their flagship GPT-4 model. [Read more]

🍏 Apple discloses AI-driven accessibility features in upcoming iOS 17. Apple previewed several upcoming features in iOS 17 aimed at assisting users with speech, vision, and cognitive disabilities. [Read more]

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