may 12

week of 5/8/2023 - 5/12/2023

This week — Google doubles down on AI, Warren Buffett is afraid, and Wendy’s wants to accelerate the extinction of human fast food workers.

what to know for now

🪧 Google goes all in on AI. At Google’s annual I/O event, the focus on AI was clear. Included in the announcements were PaLM 2 (placing Google’s generative AI closer to OpenAI’s), information on their next model named Gemini, an impressive AI music generator called MusicLM, and others. [Read more]

🗣️ Anthropic’s Claude now has a context window of 100k. This larger context window (a huge jump from their previous 9k) will allow for processing of larger information and longer conversations. [Read more]

🖼️ Meta’s ImageBind model impresses. The new model combines various “senses” (aka modalities) in a very human-manner, enabling complicated image and spatial understanding. [Read more]

what to know for later

👴🏼 Warren Buffett is concerned about AI. Controversially comparing AI to an atom bomb, Buffet expressed his fears over the rapid rise of AI technologies. [Read more]

📰 Meta moves forward on AI-focused advertising solutions. The new platform, AI Sandbox, allows advertisers to utilize generative AI for ad creation. [Read more]

📽️ Humane’s projected AI device is… interesting. A new recording of Humane’s TED talk shows off the device, which projects information from your pocket to your hand and claims to be powered primarily by AI. [Read more]

🏢 IBM announces their enterprise AI and data platform. Called WatsonX, the platform continues IBM’s regular positioning on large-scale enterprise solutions. This time, for AI. [Read more]

🍔 Wendy’s begins testing AI replacement for workers. They claim they’ll employ AI agents for drive-throughs in the near future, allowing customers to order with zero human involvement. [Read more]

🧸 OpenAI expands their image generation to 3D models. An experimental project (called Shap-E) from OpenAI allows users to generate 3D models from text input. [Read more]

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