june 9

week of 6/5/2023 - 6/9/2023

This week — AI frees up doctors' hands, outpaces humans in a sorting race, finds itself in a court drama, and plans to slide into Instagram DMs.

what to know for now

👨‍⚕️ Carbon Health introduces AI-enabled hands-free charting in its EHR system. The AI-based system allows providers to generate comprehensive medical notes more efficiently, improving patient-doctor interactions. Early data suggests the technology significantly improves charting time, accuracy, and detail. [Read more]

💡 DeepMind's AI surpasses humans in data sorting. Utilizing the technology behind AlphaZero, Google's DeepMind has created an AI system, AlphaDev, that generates sorting algorithms outperforming those developed by humans, achieving data sorting speeds up to three times faster. [Read more]

🎰 Social Turing game "Human or Not?" goes viral with 10M conversations. Participants correctly identify their conversational partners (human or AI) 68% of the time using various strategies. [Read more]

what to know for later

🇬🇧 UK will host an AI summit. Britain will host a summit on artificial intelligence in the fall. The UK's Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, aims to position the UK as a power broker on AI. The government has expressed interest in finding a balance between strict EU regulations and the lighter US approach to AI. [Read more]

🏛️ Libel lawsuit targets OpenAI. Georgia radio host Mark Walters takes legal action against OpenAI, alleging that their AI chatbot ChatGPT damaged his reputation by falsely implicating him in a case related to embezzlement from a gun rights nonprofit. [Read more]

🤖 Instagram to introduce AI chatbot in DMs. Instagram is developing an AI chatbot for direct messaging, aimed at providing a more engaging user experience, with capabilities to answer questions, offer advice, and even assist in writing messages. [Read more]

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