june 23

week of 6/19/2023 - 6/23/2023

Biden talks regulation, innovative speech generators move forward, and venture funds for AI startups gain a member.

what to know for now

🤝 Tristan Harris discusses AI regulation with President Biden. The co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology met with the president to address the risks and promises of AI, emphasizing the need for international regulation and guardrails. [Read more]

📸 Midjourney upgrades AI-powered image generation with new features. The latest version of this popular tool adds a “Zoom Out” functionality for changing aspect ratios of existing images. Other improvements include optimized text readability, new styles, filters, and performance upgrades. [Read more]

🛡️ Over 101,000 ChatGPT user accounts compromised. Cyberintelligence firm Group-IB has discovered a significant number of stolen ChatGPT accounts on the dark web, with the peak in May 2023. Asia-Pacific was the most targeted region, followed by Europe and North America. [Read more]

what to know for later

🛍️ OpenAI plans to launch a marketplace for AI models built on its ChatGPT technology. This move could compete with app stores run by companies like Salesforce and Microsoft, while expanding OpenAI's technology reach to a broader customer base. The marketplace aims to offer tailored AI models for various business applications. [Read more]

📺 YouTube acquires Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing service. The tool, developed by Google's Area 120 incubator, transcribes videos and then translates and produces dubs in other languages. Currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Aloud aims to expand its language offerings and improve translated audio tracks to resemble the creator's voice and lip sync by 2024. [Read more]

🗣️ Meta announces Voicebox, an AI-powered speech generator with diverse capabilities. Although not yet released, Voicebox can generate convincing speech based on text input and a brief audio clip for context. Voicebox adds to existing concerns about possible misuse and deepfake risks. [Read more]

🐈 Google DeepMind introduces RoboCat, a self-improving AI agent for robotics. RoboCat is capable of performing various tasks across different robotic arms and adapts to previously unseen tasks and robots. This innovative creation accelerates robotics research by reducing human intervention in training and marks a significant step towards general-purpose robots. [Read more]

💼 Dropbox launches $50 million venture fund for AI startups. The company's first venture arm aims to provide mentorship and financial support to build AI-powered products that shape the future of work. Dropbox Ventures joins the growing list of corporate initiatives investing in the rapidly expanding AI ecosystem. [Read more]

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