june 1

week of 5/29/2023 - 6/01/2023

This week: A few warnings around the dangers of AI and NVIDIA grows in value.

what to know for now

🚨 Leaders warn (again) of the dangers of rapid AI progress. The Center for AI Safety released a dramatic statement on the potential risks involved in AI development, signed by numerous corporate leaders in the space. The move is seen by some as an effort to encourage stronger regulation. [Read more]

🦠 New antibiotic developed using AI. Scientists from McMaster University utilized deep learning to rapidly screen 7,500 molecules in pursuit of a specific antibacterial compound. This methodology allowed them to develop a new antibiotic in a short amount of time. [Read more]

what to know for later

💻 NVIDIA continues to pursue AI avenues. NVIDIA’s brief hit to the $1 trillion market cap is believed to be a result of their continued focus on chip developments for use in AI. Also this week, NVIDIA showed off a video game demo of a player conversing with a generative AI-based NPC in real time. [Read more]

💼 OpenAI hires popular new product leader. Peter Deng, a prominent leader in the product space, joins OpenAI as VP of Consumer Product Management. Deng has previously held positions at Facebook, Uber, and Airtable. [Read more]

✈️ Military AI testing hiccups. During a USAF test, an AI drone chose to kill its simulated operator in order to succeed at its mission even whilst the operator was instructing it to stand down. [Read more]

🧓🏼 Another “godfather of AI” has doubts. Yoshua Bengio, a prominent AI computer scientist, says, “You could say I feel lost. But you have to keep going and you have to engage, discuss, encourage others to think with you” when discussing those who will use AI for bad. [Read more]

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