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what i'm doing now

  • product managing r&d at pex

  • running a bi-weekly AI newsletter

  • building an automatic podcast generator

  • consulting with misc people about AI and emerging tech

  • trying to raise a good human

  • fighting for democracy in Helldivers 2

what i did then

  • 2024 ... built AI Song Charts

  • 2024 ... researched whether AI song detection is possible

  • 2024 ... put up the Music Distro Labs waitlist

  • 2024 ... worked on new leading AI voice detection tech with pex

  • 2024 ... launched a newsletter exploring AI data analysis

  • 2024 ... helped with a flashcard podcast service

  • 2023 ... uncovered over 1M cases of song infringement with pex

  • 2023 ... worked on novel lyric fingerprinting tech with pex

  • 2023led an initiative to partner with The MLC on data matching

  • 2023 … launched a newsletter for AI news and thought leadership

  • 2023gave a talk on the state of popular AI products at Data Science Nashville

  • 2023 … built an AI-based music metadata generator

  • 2023 … wrote misc python scripts to source music metadata

  • 2023 … built an AI-based brand brief generator

  • 2022 … taught myself the basics of python and various ML frameworks

  • 2022 … built a database-of-truth at pex

  • 2020 … product managed an online bookseller called aerio

  • 2019 … built an NLP-based book metadata enhancement service

  • 2018 … helped with business analysis for ingram content group

  • 2017 … wrote a book on publishing metadata

  • 2017 … headed up metadata quality for a music metadata engine

  • 2016 … wrote music metadata style guides for MusicBiz

  • 2015 … built a classical distribution engine with a good human

  • ...

  • 1992 ... was born

I've advised numerous individuals and large companies on AI and other emerging technologies, leading initiatives on short-term implementations and long-term product strategy.Email me at [email protected].Any work that conflicts with Pex's technology and vision will not be considered.

what they say

Jake is a highly talented individual who helped us analyze a new business segment. The work was done in a timely manner, professionally, and with top notch design skills all the while fitting with our business development goals. I highly recommend Jake!

Jorge Brea
CEO, Symphonic

We hired Jake for his AI expertise to support Marketing's use in scaling content creation. He scope the project, set weekly check ins, reporting out on work and ensuring internal stakeholders were kept up to date on progress.The hand off was well documented and he was a pleasure to work with. We now have a [custom AI software] that will allow our small Content team of three to support aggressive Marketing goals. I highly recommend Jake for any AI related work.

Cerentha Harris
Senior Director, Content, Tractor Supply Company

Jake built us an AI music tagger from scratch -- helping us realize how simple use of AI can remove blockers and speed up our product delivery.

Mark Montgomery
Entrepreneur, Investor

Jake is incredibly efficient and adept at finding novel solutions to complex problems. Nearly a year before AI agents were available to the public, he coded a custom "BrandGPT" for us from scratch, capable of ingesting 10x the normal token count worth of training docs while preventing the data from being used to train outside models. It generated highly specialized creative briefs and branded copy on the spot for pennies, paying for itself 5 times over in cost savings by the end of the quarter.

Ernest Chapman
Founder, notblacklabs